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America’s Road Home media campaign unfolds in Denver

Goal is to raise $100 million a year!

Major outreach begins at the two nominating conventions!

Over the last few months, we have had numerous posts on the America’s Road Home Foundation. This foundation has established a goal of raising $100 million in annualized support directed at ending family homelessness. Their efforts take center stage over the next two weeks as the two major parties hold their nominating conventions. On the right is a photo of the T-shirts that will be worn by all of the volunteers at both conventions. To view more photos of the T-shirts click here.

As we are aware, the scope of the problem is large–there are 600,000 homeless families and 1.3 million children impacted annually. Yet, there is no national face for the cause of family homeless.

ARH’s consumer-based research indicates there are 135 million consumers who currently donate $118 billion annually who would consider supporting family homelessness if there were modern channels or ways to give.

In order to achieve its goal, ARH intends to raise over $100 million in annualized support directed at family homelessness by leveraging a “Causal Capitalism” approach using private sector strategies to develop modern, sustainable channels for consumer giving. ARH will then drive the funds it generates to over 300 cities nationwide who have committed to a ten year plan to end homelessness–in other words, a national platform that provides support at the local level.

To benefit from the fundraising activities a community needs a ten year plan to end homelessness and they need to have signed the America’s Road Home Statement of Principles and Action.

The New Jersey Advocacy Network to End Homelessness will be working with mayors, freeholders, county executives and other elected officials to become signatories of America’s Road Home Statement of Principles and Action and thus reiterate their commitment to ending homelessness. For more information click here.

by Richard W. Brown

Richard W. Brown, has more than forty-two years experience in both housing development and community organizing. Since 1991 Mr. Brown has been the Chief Executive Officer of Monarch Housing Associates, the 1995 Governor’s Excellence in Housing Award winner in the organization category.. To read more about Richard and all of our staff click here. Click here to send Mr. Brown an email.

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