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How much do you really know about poverty?

Poverty is on the rise in NJ!

Take Half in Ten’s interactive quiz to find out!

How much does it cost to make ends meet in your community? How much does child poverty cost our economy every year? How many people did unemployment insurance keep out of poverty last year?

Test your knowledge of these and other questions with Half in Ten’s interactive poverty quiz.

With 43.6 million Americans living in poverty and millions more struggling to make ends meet, it is more important than ever to educate the public on the problem of poverty, debunk stereotypes, and make the case for proven policy solutions that can increase economic opportunity for all Americans.

To that end, our colleagues at Half in Ten have developed a fun, interactive quiz designed to raise awareness of the problem, fight false notions, and illustrate policy solutions that work.

We need to do everything we can to educate the public and policymakers and to build the grassroots movement to advance policies that create good jobs, promote economic security, strengthen families, and ultimately, cut poverty in half in ten years.

On September 28, the Census Bureau released 2009 state- and county-level poverty data from the American Community Survey. The Half in Ten campaign created a map which displays the data by congressional district.

Poverty in NJ by Congressional District in 2009


Poverty rate

point change since
last year


Child poverty rate

New Jersey 1

11% (72,384)


16.5% (25,564)

New Jersey 2

11.5% (77,189)


16.4% (26,049)

New Jersey 3

6.3% (42,513)


9.4% (14,193)

New Jersey 4

7.9% (54,549)


11.6% (19,930)

New Jersey 5

4.4% (28,587)


4.9% (7,812)

New Jersey 6

9.6% (61,523)


12% (17,482)

New Jersey 7

4.3% (28,482)


5.4% (8,875)

New Jersey 8

14.5% (90,688)


22.2% (34,541)

New Jersey 9

9.2% (59,536)


13% (17,283)

New Jersey 10

17.3% (106,866)


24.8% (39,563)

New Jersey 11

3.5% (23,177)


3% (4,758)

New Jersey 12

6.1% (41,671)


6.9% (11,262)

New Jersey 13

17.3% (111,934)


26.6% (38,977)

To access the full map click here.

Test your knowledge and take our quiz today. Please share the quiz with your friends, colleagues, and networks.

by Richard W. Brown

Richard W. Brown, has more than forty-two years experience in both housing development and community organizing. Since 1991 Mr. Brown has been the Chief Executive Officer of Monarch Housing Associates, the 1995 Governor’s Excellence in Housing Award winner in the organization category.. To read more about Richard and all of our staff click here. Click here to send Mr. Brown an email.

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