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$1.5 Homeless Prevention Funding

$65 million in increase in ESG
Targets homeless prevention and rapid re-housing

As we posted this week, Congress has finally passed a budget for FY2011. McKinney-Vento homeless assistance grants received a $40 million increase. Congress chose to increase funding for the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) by $65 million. The $65 million increase will go almost entirely to prevention and rapid re-housing. This will mean an increase of about 35 percent.

Norm Suchar, Director of the Center for Capacity Building at the National Alliance to End Homelessness (NAEH) provided his view of the ESG increase NAEH blog.

According to Norm:

The HEARTH Act changes the ESG program to include both the traditional shelter activities, which ESG has always funded, and also the prevention and rapid re-housing activities of HPRP. The $65 million increase will go almost entirely to prevention and rapid re-housing. For most jurisdictions receiving ESG, this will mean an increase of about 35 percent. While it will certainly not replace all of the funding provided by HPRP, it will help sustain some of these programs.

For the first time in many years, the focus will not be on new CoC projects. Instead it will be on setting up ESG to be a regular source of funding for prevention and rapid re-housing, and on deciding whether and how to reallocate CoC resources to higher priority activities.

For New Jersey, the increased ESG funding would be $1,543,739 divided among sixteen entitlement communities.

This is the breakdown. To view as a separate page click here.

FY2011 ESG With 35% Increase
BAYONNE$83,964 $29,387 $113,351
CAMDEN$123,144 $43,100 $166,244
ELIZABETH$91,292 $31,952 $123,244
JERSEY CITY$286,419 $100,247 $386,666
NEWARK$378,210 $132,374 $510,584
PATERSON$128,592 $45,007 $173,599
TRENTON$134,509 $47,078 $181,587
BERGEN COUNTY$471,974 $165,191 $637,165
CAMDEN COUNTY$115,635 $40,472 $156,107
ESSEX COUNTY$273,568 $95,749 $369,317
HUDSON COUNTY$165,103 $57,786 $222,889
MIDDLESEX COUNTY$85,478 $29,917 $115,395
MONMOUTH COUNTY$132,750 $46,463 $179,213
MORRIS COUNTY$99,683 $34,889 $134,572
UNION COUNTY$235,253 $82,339 $317,592
NEW JERSEY STATE PROGRAM$1,605,109 $561,788 $2,166,897
Total$4,410,683 $1,543,739 $5,954,422

by Taiisa Telesford Kelly

Taiisa Telesford Kelly joined Monarch Housing Associates in March 2006. She has experience in housing development working with federal, state and local funding sources to secure financing for special needs housing projects. To read more about Taiisa and all of our staff click here. Click here to send Ms. Kelly an email.

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