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Rhode Island Prevents Homelessness Discrimination

New Legislations Protects the Daily Lives of the Homeless

Rhode Island Coalition for the HomelessNational advocates are calling Rhode Island’s new homeless bill of rights “historic legislation.” Passed on June 26, 2012, the bill makes it illegal for government, police healthcare workers, landlords and employers from discriminating against individuals who lack housing.

This legislation is in stark contrast to the trend of cities such as Denver, Dallas and Berkeley, CA passing ordinances that outlaw panhandling, sleeping outdoors and loitering and discriminate against the homeless.

The legislation was a goal that Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless advocated as a key to ending homelessness in their state. Click here to view their agenda.

Quoting from a Washington Post article, the bill of rights,

The bill of rights,“was also designed to send the message that the homeless have the same rights as anyone else, according to Jim Ryczek of the Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless. ‘Civil rights laws have always been primarily about changing behavior,’ Ryczek said.”

Click here to read the full Washington Post story.

by Kate M. Kelly

Kate Kelly joined Monarch Housing Associates in March of 2011. Her responsibilities include writing policy and other website updates, coordinating state and federal advocacy update and assisting with fundraising efforts. To read more about Kate and all of our staff click here. Click here to send Ms. Kelly an email.

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