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Advocates Called to Ensure Medicaid Expansion

Working to Include Supportive Housing Services in
Insurances Packages Another Critical Piece

Supreme CourtIn a July 3, 2012 post on its Pipeline blog, “What the Supreme Court’s Health Reform Decision Means for Tenants of Supportive Housing”, the Corporation for Supportive Housing writes that “Advocates should be organizing, reaching out and building coalitions with other partners working to expand Medicaid coverage for those with incomes below 138% of the federal poverty level.”

This advocacy work will be especially critical in New Jersey where Governor Chris Christie has taken the position that he is not sure that our state needs to expand the Medicaid program. By not expanding Medicaid, many, many chronically homeless individuals including those with a primary diagnosis of a substance abuse disorder, will be denied access to affordable insurance.

And the issue of expanding Medicaid, CSH is also urging its local partners to work to ensure that the services that are so critical to the stabilizing work of supportive housing, are included in insurance benefit packages and reimbursable through Medicaid. States should be encouraged to create benefit packages that allow supportive housing tenants to have the services that they rely on reimbursed. The post goes on to give the details about three potential ways this can be done.

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by Kate M. Kelly

Kate Kelly joined Monarch Housing Associates in March of 2011. Her responsibilities include writing policy and other website updates, coordinating state and federal advocacy update and assisting with fundraising efforts. To read more about Kate and all of our staff click here. Click here to send Ms. Kelly an email.

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