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The Ending Homelessness Team (EHT) carries out the homeless planning efforts of Monarch Housing Associates. The mission of the EHT is to work to end homelessness in New Jersey through sound planning and the creation of housing opportunities for all.

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To this end, EHT works with seventeen (17) of the twenty-one (21) counties on homeless planning efforts. EHT activities include, but are not limited to:

Develop Effective Ten-Year Plans That Reflect the Needs of the Community

Monarch works with communities in the development and implementation of ten-year plans by assisting with:

  • Strategizing for the planning process
  • Assembling key stakeholders to develop appropriate goals and action steps
  • Preparing the Ten Year Plan Document
  • Organizing public announcements of the Ten Year Plan
  • Assisting with implementation of the Ten Year Plan


Conference Speakers Changing the System

Sharon McDonald, Herb Levine, Tony Marchetta, Jennifer Velez, Annemarie Uebbing and Richard W. Brown

Monarch works with communities on a full range of planning and implementation services to ensure local efforts to end homelessness and manage the CoC Program are successful and fully in line with HEARTH Act regulations. Monarch is currently assisting communities in the following areas:

  • Analysis of planning and service system compliance with HEARTH
  • Development of formalized processes for planning, funding and evaluation
  • Identification of ways to coordinate all homeless planning processes
  • HEARTH Act training and technical assistance

Continuum of Care Program Application

The Ending Homelessness Team staff attends monthly CoC and sub-committee meetings in 12 Continuums to assist in planning efforts and preparation for the annual CoC application. As part of the year-long CoC process, Monarch works with communities on a variety of activities needed for the development of a well rounded homeless housing and service system. CoC activities include:

  • Preparation, completion and analysis of annual PIT Count and HIC
  • Development of local CoC application process of selecting and funding
  • Analysis of performance of existing programs using data from HMIS and APR
  • Completion of Grant Inventory Worksheets for renewal programs
  • Completion of annual CoC Exhibit 1 applications & technical assistance for Exhibit 2 applications
  • Completion of and technical assistance for AHAR

HMIS Utilization and Regulations

HMIS Data ReportsMonarch Housing Associates has partnered with HMFA’s HMIS office to work with all CoCs to improve data quality and increase usage of HMIS data for planning purposes. Monarch works with all CoCs to help them understand the new HMIS regulations and provides local monthly and quarterly reports regarding program outcomes and participant characteristics and trends for use in local planning activities.

In addition, Monarch provides assistance in to local communities as they work to implement open HMIS systems and develop coordinated intake processes. Monarch works with NJHMIS and New Jersey’s HMIS vendor to improve system functionality to help improve and increase the use of HMIS at the local level.

In addition Monarch Housing as a founding member of the New Jersey Advocacy Network to End Homelessness, has been an advocate to enact atate legislation which would allow individuals counties to set up Homeless Trust Funds. These trust funds would serve as a valuable source of supportive service, operating, rental assistance and/or capital funding to create new permanent housing for the homeless across the state.

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