Proposed Changes to McKinney-Vento

The McKinney-Vento program may soon change in several significant and dramatic ways. This has been a subject of conversation for months for those who attend the Continuum of Care and CEAS meetings in New Jersey.

The two different bills are the Community Partnership to End Homelessness Act (S. 1801) and the Homeless Assistance Consolidation Act (H. R. 5041). If passed both would consolidate the three existing McKinney-Vento programs – the Supportive Housing Program, Shelter Plus Care and the SRO programs – into one competitive program. Prevention would be added as a new activity within that single funding. Local Boards would be created for each Continuum of Care. These would have new over sight responsibilities.

For more details, click here for a summary of the legislation prepared by National Alliance to End Homelessness. As Congress has adjourned for the fall elections neither bill is expected to pass until next year or in 2008.

The changes would go into effect one year after the legislation is passed and signed by the President.