Model Program Keeps Homeless Housed

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Columbus Program Succeeds by Giving Homeless an Apartment First, Then Tackling Other Problems

01/04/2007 | The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio)

A Columbus, Ohio, program considered a global model of the housing first philosophy has created 760 supportive housing apartments for homeless people since its inception in 1999, reported The Columbus Dispatch. The Rebuilding Lives program ascribes to the notion that chronically homeless people need not be clean and sober before they are housed, but rather should get treatment once they are in their home, according to the executive director of the Community Shelter Board. Once housed, Rebuilding Lives tenants are connected to counseling, job training, budgeting classes, and other supports. Only six program participants have returned to a shelter since the program’s inception, the Community Shelter Board official said. Participants have also made fewer trips to the emergency room, she said. According to city officials, the program costs about $11,608 per participant per year, but reduces emergency services costs by tens of thousands of dollars.

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