FY 2007 Appropriations- Homeless Assistance Grants

Just when you thought it was OK to be optimistic the bad news pops up again. Please read the attached report from NAEH, share with your colleagues and add your comments to our blog.

FY 2007 Appropriations- Homeless Assistance Grants

Date: 12 Jan 2007
Author: National Alliance to End Homelessness
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Congressional appropriators have suggested that they plan to fund HUD’s Homeless Assistance Grants at the Fiscal Year 2006 level, a decision that would have disastrous consequences for over 14,000 homeless people. The Administration’s FY 2007 budget requested an increase of $209 million for Homeless Assistance grants. The House version of the appropriations bill called for the same increase of $209 million, while the Senate bill was a slightly lower $185 million increase. The increase is needed to meet two goals:

Keep up with the increasing cost of renewing homeless assistance projects

Begin catching up with existing need — In the last homelessness count taken in January of 2005, 44 percent of homeless people were unsheltered.