COAH: Other ways to provide housing

ThiThis is one of three interrelated articles that appeared in Sunday’s issue of the Herald News. Hopefully they provide some background information on COAH.

COAH: Other ways to provide housing
Sunday, January 21, 2007

One of the misconceptions about Mount Laurel housing is that to comply with state mandates to provide affordable housing, municipalities must build new structures. Some officials even believe that whole developments must be erected.

Not so, say officials at the state Council on Affordable Housing.

Homes can be rehabilitated to satisfy COAH obligations, credit can be received for existing structures that meet guidelines, or obligations can be transferred after getting state approval.

Clifton was able to receive credit for transitional homes, homeless shelters, nursing homes, senior housing and numerous rehabilitation projects, said Dennis Kirwan, city planner.

Since 1999, Clifton has also collected more than $2 million from developers, using it to rehabilitate substandard homes or purchase group homes for nonprofit organizations, Kirwan said.

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