shelterforceThis is from our friends at the National Housing Institute and Shelterforce. We encourage you to read Shelterforce as it is one of the best magazines on housing can community development and it is published in New Jersey.

Friends and Colleagues,

The current issue of Shelterforce features a range of articles that share at least one theme – fairness. Whether the issue is gentrification, the Right to Housing or making homes accessible to everyone, fairness is at the heart of what we do and what we care about. These articles show how groups around the country are fighting for their communities and the role government plays in supporting or hindering that fight.

You’ll find a summary and links to each of the feature articles below. To view the full issue or subscribe. We hope you find the articles useful and thought provoking. We look forward to your comments.

A Very High Stakes Deal By Brad Lander?

The recent sale of Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town in NYC will result in the loss of 11,200 affordable, middle-income apartments. Could strong pro-tenant regulations have prevented this?

The Case for a Right to Housing By Chester Hartman

Does America’s commitment to basic human rights lead to a right to housing? The author says yes!

Why CDCs Should Advocate for a Right to Housing By Rachel G. Bratt?

While not a panacea, a right to housing would enhance and expand the work of CDCs and nonprofit housing developers.

A Merger of Equals By David Cramer and Robert O. Zdenek

Two mature Cincinnati CDCs found that by merging they created an organization greater than the sum of its parts and ready to guide its community towards equitable revitalization.

Already In My Back Yard By Caitlin Gallagher?

As Boston’s South End gentrifies, a well-established homeless shelter and a storied soup kitchen resist displacement.

Housing for All By David Holtzman?

Simple and low-cost design changes can make homes attractive to everyone and accessible to the disabled and elderly.

Making Tax Credits Work for the Disabled? By Steve Gold, Kristina Klugar and Mark Schwartz

Changing the subsidy formula allowed one state housing agency to help create hundreds of units for low-income disabled households.

Midterm Election Analysis

Sheila Crowley of the National Low Income Housing Coalition and John Taylor of the National Community Reinvestment Coalition look at what’s in store for housing and community development advocates from the incoming 110th Congress.

2006 Housing & Community Development Victories Compiled By Nichole Brown
While housing and community development stalled at the federal level, advocates scored victories around the nation.

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