Home at Last on PBS

This weekend, PBS is airing a NOW special on Housing First programs like the one we are implementing in Mercer County. For most of you, it will air today, Friday at 8:30 and Sunday at 11:30 on channel 13. Check here to confirm your listing:  A program description is below.

NOW with David Brancaccio: Home at Last?

What will most help homeless people reenter the fabric of society? Some say the answer is right there in the question: a home. This week, NOW investigates a program that secures apartments for the long-term homeless, even if they haven’t kicked their bad habits. If you think that sounds crazy, think again. Advocates say this approach reduces costs, encourages self-help and counseling participation, and restores self-esteem. The evidence seems to be with them, and the program is spreading to hundreds of cities across the country. NOW follows a man nicknamed ‘Footie’ who invited us to see this idea in action in New York City. Friday, February 2, 8:30pm; Sunday, February 4, 11:30 PM.