Homeless Providers Issue Bar-Coded IDs

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HUD rules requiring federally funded homeless services organizations to report data on their clients are prompting the use of bar-coded ID swiping systems by larger agencies, a technical support provider told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Tarrant County Access in Fort Worth, Texas, is providing a computerized scan system to shelters and other social services agencies. Four of the city’s largest service agencies have already or soon will be issuing the bar-coded cards to their clients. More than 2,400 homeless people have used the cards to receive services through the Salvation Army, which began issuing the cards last spring. The Union Gospel Mission started issuing cards in December. Although the facility does not receive federal funds, the scan cards will help with the design of programs to get homeless people into housing and jobs, said the mission’s president. Some clients have resisted or been confused by the system, which requires

The full story, Cards Becoming Key for Homeless, was published on 02/06/2007 in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Texas).

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