HUD’s New New Annual Progress Report (APR)

We received this from our friend Dick Kotuski at HUD.

TO: New Jersey Statewide Continuum of Cares’

FROM: Richard Kotuski, Program Manager, HUD Supportive Housing Programs Coordinator

Subject: New Annual Progress Report (APR)

OMB has approved the new APR for use through November 30, 2009. There are no changes to the charts or the data reported in the APR. However, there is one change concerning who must complete an APR:

Projects that received SHP funds for only Acquisition, New Construction or Rehabilitation still operating during the required period of use must now complete and submit an APR on June 30th of each year during the required period of use, beginning June 30, 2007. The Annual Certification of Continued Project Operation is no longer required since these projects will be submitting an APR each year.

The only other changes are clarifications in the instructions and explanatory notes for the charts.

NOTE: The new APR is available on HUDClips or by clicking here. This information should be shared with all your program directors within your jurisdiction. If you have questions or need assistance please contact your Community Development Representative, Eileen Cummins Lott at 973-776-7287 or Nayana Schweitzer at 973-776-7287.