Anti-Smoking Efforts Target Homeless

This update on homelessness and smoking was in KnowledgePlex.

Effort Aims To Help Homeless Stop Smoking
02/05/2007 | Chicago Tribune (Illinois)

“Amid broad skepticism, nascent campaigns to get the homeless off cigarettes are bubbling up in Chicago and across the country,” reported the Chicago Tribune. Eighty percent of chronically homeless people are addicted to smoking, the article said. The National Network on Tobacco Prevention and Poverty is working with the National Coalition for the Homeless on a cessation model to be used nationally. According to experts, smoking cessation programs aim to alter shelter culture and potentially save millions annually in Medicaid payments for smoking-related ailments. However, most shelters have yet to sponsor such programs, preferring to focus on other issues such as alcohol or drug addiction, the article said. In addition to Chicago, cessation programs are planned or under way in New York City, Seattle and King County, Wash., and Wisconsin.