A History of HUD

For your weekend reading you may find this both fascinating and depressing.

A History of HUD
by Lawrence L. Thompson, 2006

Larry Thompson, after serving HUD in senior positions for 25 years, has written A History of HUD drawing on his experiences and careful research. The document, with accompanying tables and charts, offers a comprehensive review of the department’s missions, its organization, its place in the overall policy process, and its major turning-point events from 1934 to the present.

The study traces key shifts in HUD’s policies over the decades for homeownership and FHA; low-income rental assistance programs, both Public Housing and Section 8; community development programs such as Urban Renewal and CDBG; the Fair Housing Act; and programs to assist homeless persons. It also includes brief profiles of all 13 HUD Secretaries.

By presenting the subject in a non-technical and objective style, Mr. Thompson hopes that A History of HUD will be of value to a wide audience interested in housing and community development, especially to those just starting out in this field.

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