Financing Supportive Housing

As the debate over both creating new permanent, affordable and supportive housing as well as Continuums of Care reducing service funding for renewal projects, the ability to identity sources of supportive services funding has become more important than ever.

Alison Recca-Ryan recommend to us the CSH web site’s interactive supportive services funding page. The following is a brief description of the CSH supportive services funding page.

Financing Supportive Housing Services Sources

Here you will find information and updates for supportive housing developers and advocates about the range of services finance programs. The emphasis is on public sources that have been widely used for supportive housing. The distinct focus is on federal programs, and most of them are administered locally. You may want to read our Introduction to Services Financing that defines services and how the resources flow. Click here for a Definition of Terms .

To access the page and research funding options for supportive services click here.