Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Local Initiative Funding Partners (LIFP) Request for Proposals

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Local Initiative Funding Partners(LIFP) Request for Proposals

This could be an important source of funding for new initiatives to end homelessness or expand supportive housing. Please note that “projects must be nominated by a local grantmaker interested in participating as one of the funding partners. ” To see projects funded in prior years click here. The following is the information from their web site.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Local Initiative Funding Partners (LIFP) invites local grantmakers to nominate new, creative, collaborative projects to improve the health of vulnerable people in their communities.

We welcome proposals for original, promising, practical solutions to complex local health problems: especially projects that address the health needs of people who are not reached by traditional health and social services or for whom existing systems are fragmented and insufficient.

This competitive program offers matching grants of $200,000 to $500,000 paid out over three years or four years. The deadline for Stage I applications is July 10, 2007 for awards that begin on July 1, 2008.

For the Call for Proposals, complete instructions, FAQs and more, please see How to Apply.

Through the Local Initiative Funding Partners (LIFP) program, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) collaborates with local grantmakers to improve health outcomes for the most vulnerable among us. Local grantmakers propose a funding partnership by nominating community initiatives that offer creative solutions to critical health or health care problems.

Since 1988, the Foundation has awarded over $100 million in LIFP matching grants to support innovative health and health care projects put forward by local funders. Together with more than 1,200 local funding partners we have funded 287 projects. Many of these projects challenged established practices, engaged new coalitions and offered ambitious improvements in systems and services.

RWJF invites grantmaking organizations including independent and private foundations, family and community foundations, corporate foundations, and other philanthropies to recommend projects for this funding partnership. Through LIFP, local grantmakers may leverage funds from RWJF to implement new community programs that address serious health issues.

Factors outside the health care system such as poverty, violence, inadequate housing or education contribute significantly to poor health for the most vulnerable people among us. Many Americans—particularly low-income children, adolescents and families, the elderly, and racial and ethnic minorities—get lost in a tangle of costly, often ineffective services that may address only one aspect of the health challenges they face. RWJF is interested in projects that address complex health and social factors as a single challenge.

Local funders may be the first to identify these concerns and to help find effective solutions. Sometimes grantmakers convene groups that typically do not work together, such as organizations from both inside and outside of the health care field. Broad-based community coalitions may stimulate breakthrough ideas and benefit from early collaboration with local grantmakers. Any nonprofit agency seeking an LIFP matching grant should discuss its proposal with a local funder, who may then choose to nominate the project.