If Portland can end homelessness so can New Jersey!

This study is from the National Alliance to End Homelessness. This is just one of thousands of examples of how communities are able to end homelessness. We can and will achieve the same results in NJ.

Portland Reduces Street Homelessness

In a recent article, The Oregonian recently highlighted a 39 percent drop in street homelessness and a 70 percent drop in chronic homelessness. Within the first two years of implementing the city’s ten year plan to end homelessness, Portland reduced street homelessness by 39 percent. This year, efforts that fall under the umbrella of the ten year plan moved 1,039 chronically homeless people and 717 homeless families, with intensive needs, to permanent housing. City officials attribute the success to the work of effective homeless service providers, strong partnerships with Multnomah County and the public housing authority, and the political will and commitment of the City Council.

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