New Alliance Resource: Policy Brief on Chronic Homelessness

This study from the National Alliance to End Homelessness provides important updates on chronic homelessness. This is important in NJ as the raw data from the preliminary data for the 8,600 counted to date in the 2007 Point in Time Count indicates that seventy percent (70%) of those counted are individuals and among the highest service needs are mental health, substance abuse and medical care. In addition over thirty percent (30%) were homeless for over one year. Based on this data, Chronic Homelessness is a major issue in New Jersey and needs to be addressed.

The Alliance has released an updated brief on chronic homelessness, describing its characteristics, causes, and solutions. The four page document was first released in conjunction with a congressional briefing hosted by the Alliance last July. The brief summarizes the interaction between emergency shelters, health care systems, and criminal justice and chronic homelessness. It also describes the benefits and cost effectiveness of permanent supportive housing and the success that many communities have achieved.

To read the full report click here.