Project Homeless Connect/Point In Time Count Review and Feedback

The following is a summary of ideas discussed at the March 13th Project Homeless Connect debriefing.

  • There was a surplus of volunteers in some Counties and in others not enough. Passaic County which involved AmeriCorps volunteers suggested that other Counties reach out to AmeriCorps programs within their County.
  • Faith based organizations played an important role in assisting and providing sites for PHC. Need more involvement from faith based organizations next year.
  • Press releases were helpful to get additional volunteers and donations while some Counties felt the press releases caused the unsheltered homeless to stay with friends or family that day or left very early so they wouldn’t be bothered by the Count.
  • The homeless veteran count was discussed. A suggestion was made that Counties have veterans on the PIT Count teams because veterans talk to veterans.
  • Transportation issues were discussed. Some Counties experienced difficulty transporting homeless individuals to PHC sites.
  • A suggestion was made that the PHC flyers be translated into Spanish.

For more information contact Randi Moore.

Monarch’s Ending Homelessness Team has developed a Power Point presentation that reviews all of the accomplishments of the first Statewide Project Homeless Connect. To view the presentation click here.