Police evict residents from homeless hub

This is an other article by Steve Wood the NJ Temple student on his experience as a homeless person.

Police evict residents from homeless hub
Steve Wood

I overstayed my time at the Homeless Hilton and figured to check out with my belongings.

However, a problem emerged from the corner of Market East Station’s lobby in full embodiment: a shifty homeless man was already checking out my stash. He staggered toward me like a creature from “Thriller,” calling me by my moniker – “Temple” – as I tightened the straps of my backpack.

“Let’s talk outside,” he suggested.

“Guy-to-guy.”Being in favor of crowds and light, I followed his slither outside and into dim daylight. It was not even 6:30 a.m. I listened to what he said, knowing all the while how the story would end, or so I thought. Turns out another woman was bleeding – “[his] woman” – however the cause was more menstrual than inflicted.

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