Father-daughter team rocks for the homeless

Although we applaud their charity and understand the needs of helping the survivors of Katrina, we also wish as much emphasis was being placed on the homeless in New Jersey.

By FRANK HALPERIN, Courier-Post Staff

Most people are sympathetic to the plight of the homeless.

Oaklyn resident Jimmy Red, however, is doing something about it.

That’s why he rocks.

Red, 49, who’s the founder of the grass-roots America’s Jam for the Homeless organization, will rock The Woodbine in Pennsauken Saturday night with a benefit concert for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

There will be 11 acts performing at the concert, most of which are from the South Jersey/Philadelphia area; Rise to Fall Again, Doghouse, Stadium and Crossfire are among the local modern-rock groups who will be performing.

“The money that’s raised from the concert will allow us to finance a trip down to New Orleans in the summer,” Red said.

“I want to get a couple of buses and tractor-trailers, and load them up with household appliances, clothes, toys and medical supplies, which we’ll distribute to the many Katrina victims who are still displaced,” he said.

Heather Losey, Red’s 23-year-old daughter, has been his right-hand woman in getting this benefit concert prepared.

“I’ve been working on this since January — making up flyers, coordinating the musical acts and posting the latest concert news on our MySpace page ,” said Losey, who lives in Wilmington, Del.

Red created the America’s Jam for the Homeless organization (it’s state-registered, and Red’s in the midst of acquiring certified non-profit status for it) in 1989.

Every year, America’s Jam visits the homeless shelters in Camden during Christmas, distributing gifts to those in need.

He’s also staged two prior benefit concerts. The first was in 1995, at the Iguana Beach Club (now Top Dog) in Cherry Hill. That was followed a couple of years later by a concert at Cooper River Park in Pennsauken.

Tomorrow night’s fund-raising-palooza, though, promises to be their biggest jam yet.

Michele Karmin, the South Jersey songstress who tomorrow night will be performing selections from her just-released CD, A Reason (Musically Speaking Productions), said that she’s proud to be a participating artist at the concert.

“This is going to be an amazing night of music, and it’s great to be able to help support the mission of America’s Jam, because they’re committed to helping those that really need it,” said Karmin, 23, of Pennsauken.

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