Obama to Unveil Housing Plan for Vets

Barack will these units be permanent or a continuation of the current transitional housing programs of the VA?

Obama to Unveil Housing Plan for Vets
Filed at 3:31 p.m. ET

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa (AP) — Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama on Friday said he would unveil a housing program for veterans aimed at keeping them off the streets when their service is completed.

The Illinois senator told The Associated Press he would introduce legislation Monday that he calls Homes for Heroes. The plan would establish grant and voucher programs to encourage development of affordable housing targeted for veterans.

”Veterans are far more likely to be homeless than non-veterans and part of it is because we’re not providing services to them as they transition out of the service,” Obama said in an interview before a campaign rally. ”Part of it is because there is just not enough affordable housing.”

The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates as many as 200,000 are living on the streets or in shelters and perhaps twice as many are homeless at some in the course of a year.

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