Parking Meter Program Raises $84,000 For Homeless

This is an interesting update on an unusual method of raising money to end homelessness.

DENVER — A new program that raises money for the homeless by encouraging people to put coins in old parking meters has added to a total of $84,000 collected so far in a fundraising campaign.

People have put about $2,000 into three dozen special parking meters along sidewalks in downtown Denver. Each meter also has a yearlong sponsor donating $1,000.

The parking meters were installed early last month.

Another $23,000 have been raised through donations to canisters at Denver-area King Soopers grocery stores.

The money goes to programs through Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper’s Road Home initiative — a 10-year effort to end homelessness.

The parking meter program is modeled after one in Baltimore. The idea is to put the money into programs instead of giving it to panhandlers.