Storm forces homeless to seek food and shelter

One of the unfortunate consequences for the recent storm is its impact on the homeless.

Homeless looking for food and shelter
Posted by The Star-Ledger April 16, 2007 3:05PM

The homeless, who have made homes under bridges in Bound Brook and Manville, have made their way to Somerville, looking for food and shelter.

They came to the Samaritan Homeless Interim Program, an agency that offers food, clothing and vouchers for temporary lodging at local motels.

“We’ve had 15 people looking for food and coffee,” said Executive Director Thomas O’Leary.

A flooded basement ruined the agency’s mobile soup kitchen supplies, toiletries and clothes for the needy as well as a washer and dryer.

“We’re trying to turn lemons into lemonade,” O’Leary said. “If you look down the cellar stairs, it’s enough to make a grown man cry. But I haven’t lost my spirit.”

Contributed by Cathy Bugman