Can We End Homelessness in Ten Years?

Ending Homelessness Could Actually Be Very SimpleJustice Talking, public radio’s show “about law and American life”. did a full hour last week on homelessness. The show entitled “Can We End Homelessness in Ten Years?” is a must listen for everyone involved in ending homelessness. Share your comments by clicking here.

To listen with Windows Media click here and then click on Listen to Full Program. To download the full program as an MP3 click here. Right click to save it to your computer. As transcripts become available we will post those as well.

The show’s summary provides an overview. “President Bush has made a commitment to end chronic homelessness in ten years. Many cities around the country have also taken on this goal. But is it really possible? And what’s the best way to do it? This week on Justice Talking, we’ll look at who the homeless are in America. We’ll talk about the effects of homelessness on children, the challenges of providing health care to the homeless and the merits of a program called Housing First, which puts chronically homeless people into apartments.”

The sections of the hour long program include:

  1. Voices of the Homeless – Residents of My Brother’s House in Philadelphia talk about their experiences with homelessness.
  2. The Facts About Homelessness – Margot Adler talks with Nan Roman about the history and current state of homelessness in America.
  3. Interview with the Homeless Czar – Margot Alder talks to federal official Philip Mangano about the government’s approach to ending homelessness.
  4. Report from Boston – Justice Talking contributor Monica Brady-Myerov reports on how a new federal program called “Housing First” is helping the chronically homeless in Boston.
  5. Debate on the Issue: Housing First and Families – Margot Adler is joined by homeless advocate Ralph Nunez and professor Dennis Culhane to debate a new approach to ending homelessness, Housing First, which moves people more quickly from shelters to permanent homes.
  6. Children and Homelessness – Margot Adler talks with Ellen Bassuk about the effects of homelessness on children.
  7. Healthcare for the Homeless – Margot Adler speaks with Marion Scott about the many challenges to providing healthcare to the homeless.
  8. Formerly Homeless, Now an Advocate – Roosevelt Darby shares his own experience of recovering from homelessness and his current work as an advocate to end homelessness.