Audio Workshop: Oversight of Community Plans to End Homelessness, May 10

Both nonprofit and local government agencies have taken on responsibility for ensuring progress in implementing plans to end homelessness. This audio-conference will examine the merits of different approaches, such as creating a new non-profit implementing body, allowing a city or state government to lead implementation, or relying on key service providers.

The audio conference will feature:

Deborah Ortega, Executive Director, Denver’s Road Home;
Nancy Radner, The Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness; and
Sally Erickson, MSW,Homeless Program Coordinator, City of Portland, Bureau of Housing & Community Development.

How to Listen

The Leadership to End Homelessness Audio Conference Series is a monthly series of national conference calls focusing on the leading strategies that states, local jurisdictions and nonprofit organizations have employed to end homelessness. The series is presented by the Council of State Community Development Agencies, the National Alliance to End Homelessness, the National Council of State Housing Agencies, the National League of Cities and the U.S. Conference of Mayors.