Olmstead Plan: Path to Progress

The Department of Human Services has announced their Olmstead Plan: “Path to Progress.”

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The plan was reviewed in the StarLedger on Thursday. To read the full article click here.

The following is an excerpt:

It took a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, a lawsuit by an advocacy group and a new state law, but New Jersey finally produced a blueprint yesterday for moving more than half the 3,000 disabled people living in institutions into supervised community homes.

Over the next eight years, the plan proposes relocating 1,850 people with developmental disabilities into group homes and apartments, at an estimated cost of $1.3billion in state and federal funds. More than $500 million would come from the seven institutions, also known as developmental centers, which will continue to operate at a smaller capacity.

“This is a watershed event for people with disabilities who no longer want to be institutionalized,” acting Human Services Commissioner Jennifer Velez said.

A national survey in 2005 said New Jersey had the fourth-highest rate of institutionalizing people with developmental disabilities, such as autism and mental retardation.