Housing With Services Helps Rural Communities, Says New HAC Report

This information on how to make supportive housing work in rural areas is from the Housing Assistance Council. to read the full report click here.

The “housing plus services” model, which provides both affordable housing and supportive services tailored to residents’ needs, enables many rural organizations to meet their communities’ specialized needs, according to a new report from the Housing Assistance Council.

“Providing either affordable housing or supportive services can be a challenge in rural places,” noted Moises Loza, executive director of the Housing Assistance Council. “But HAC is pleased to find that a number of local rural organizations have found ways to connect the two. The combination has proved to be extremely helpful for people with special needs.”

Five case studies in HAC’s report illustrate some of the ways rural organizations are providing housing plus services for five different populations: people who are elderly, homeless, victims of domestic violence, or recovering from substance abuse, and those with mental health problems or disabilities. The case studies highlight the essential components for successful housing plus services projects in rural America, such as strong community collaboration, innovative community organizations, and targeted yet flexible housing plus services programs. The report also includes a funding and information resources guide.

Formulas for Success: Housing Plus Services in Rural Areas is free on HAC’s website. Printed copies are available for $4.00 each, to cover postage and handling, from Luz Rosas at HAC, 202-842-8600 ext. 137.