NAEH Annual Conference July 9-11, 2007

The following information is on this year’s National Alliance to End Homelessness Conference which will be held on July 9-11.

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Twenty-five years after homelessness exploded on the scene in the early ‘80s;

Seven years after the National Alliance to End Homelessness announced A Plan, Not a Dream: How to End Homelessness in Ten Years;

The time is ripe, to shift into a new gear and accelerate toward our vision of a nation without homelessness.

The time is marked by opportunity to make substantial new progress. New programmatic solutions are moving individuals out of homelessness and into housing faster every day. More communities are committing to achieve progress and show results in the form of fewer people without a place to live. People who work with Congress speak of a new day, including a new interest in housing the poorest Americans.

The time is coming for a new sense of accountability, for everyone involved to accomplish the goals they’ve set out – ending the scourge of homelessness. Hundreds of communities have committed to do so. The federal government has expressed it as a policy priority. Public, private, and nonprofit sectors have embraced the call.

Increasingly, all involved in this struggle are discovering what to do and how to make progress.

It’s time for a new push.

It’s time for communities to put to work the practices they know work.

It’s time for policymakers to know what their part is.

Please join the National Alliance to End Homelessness and a thousand other leaders from around the country in Washington DC on July 9-11 for our annual conference on ending homelessness. This is the place to meet, share, and learn about the best people doing the best work, from effective day-to-day practices to overall system design, to policy initiatives and priorities. Join us so that we can learn from each other and inspire each other.

Ending Homelessness: The Time is Now!