Cumberland: Survey shows 250 homeless in three towns

Survey shows 250 homeless in three towns
Posted by Bridgeton News May 16, 2007 1:00PM

VINELAND — A recent count of the homeless in Cumberland County found 250 people living without adequate shelter in Bridgeton, Vineland and Millville.

A January 2007 point-in-time survey, conducted in all 21 of New Jersey’s counties, didn’t include homeless people living in the county’s 11 other municipalities, stated Diane Strozyk — a spokeswoman for the county division of homeless — at Tuesday’s Children First summit at Cumberland County College.

She explained the total number of homeless people living in the county could be much higher because of this.

Homeless people are not just living in wooded areas, far from the general population.

Strozyk said they are setting up camp behind some of the county’s newest developments.

“The day we went out (to conduct the survey) was the coldest day of the year,” she remarked. “We found a tent colony behind one of our newest malls.”