Priced Out in New Jersey

Priced Out provides a wealth of data that presents rent and income. To view data illustrating the housing affordability problems confronting people with disabilities receiving SSI in the federally defined housing market areas of the State of New Jersey click here.

In 2006, New Jersey had SSI benefits equal to $634.25 per month. Statewide, this income was equal to only 13.4 percent of the median income. To rent an efficiency unit, a person with a disability would have to pay 132.8 percent of their SSI benefits and 149.3 percent of the monthly benefits for a one-bedroom unit. The figure also illustrates the relationship between SSI and Housing Wage data for a one bedroom apartment. In New Jersey that equals a salary equal to $18.21 an hour.

Within New Jersey’s federally defined housing market areas the cost of a one-bedroom rental unit ranged from a low of 104.5 percent of SSI benefits in the Ocean City/Cape May Metropolitan Statistical Area to a high of 168.4 percent in the Middlesex/Somerset/Hunterdon market area.

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