Report Cites Rural Green Building Successes

Despite unique challenges, a growing number of community-based housing organizations in rural areas are building environmentally sensitive, affordable homes, concludes a new report by the Housing Assistance Council. The report describes successful rural green developments around the country. According to the report, the most common green techniques and tools being used by rural housing organizations include energy and water efficient practices; environmentally preferable products such as environmentally certified materials and locally sourced materials; effective management of materials and resources on site and waste management; lessening site disturbance and erosion through the use of permeable paving materials and bioswales; homeowner awareness education practices; and use of intense design sessions known as charettes. “Affordable Green Building in Rural Communities” is free on HAC’s Web site. Printed copies are available for $5.00 each from Luz Rosas at (202) 842-8600 ext. 137.