Very Low Income Housing Bill Posted for Assembly Vote, Monday June 11

This update is form our friends at the Housing and Community Development Network.

The Very Low Income Housing (VLI) bill (A1343 Watson Coleman/Caraballo/Gusciora) will target 25% of all affordable units created by state housing programs for very low-income households. Families with very low incomes earn less than 30% of the area median income, or about $25,000 per year for a family of four.

This bill passed the Assembly Housing & Local Government Committee on our May 10 Lobby Day, after grassroots advocacy and testimony from Network leaders and members. It is scheduled to be posted for a full vote before the Assembly on Monday, June 11.

Tell Your Assemblymembers to Vote for A1343

You can help make sure it passes! Please call both of your Assemblymembers and deliver the following message:

“I am calling to urge [MEMBER’S NAME] to vote FOR A1343, the very low income housing bill, on Monday. This bill ensures that very low income residents receive a fair share of New Jersey’s affordable housing resources.”

It will only take a few minutes to call. Legislative staff are used to getting these kinds of calls, so you should be able to leave this brief message, along with your name and organizational affiliation.

Why does New Jersey Need A1343?

People at this income have the greatest housing need. More than half of these New Jersey residents spend over half of their income on housing, making them severely cost burdened. Yet, most of the state’s housing assistance is not reaching these individuals and families. The New Jersey Department of Labor reports that more than one third of New Jersey jobs pay less than $25,000 a year, including many of the fastest growing occupations such as nursing aides, retail salespersons, office clerks, cashiers, janitors and home health aides. People who are on fixed incomes, like seniors and people with disabilities, make even less than $25,000 a year.

Let Us Know You Called!

Let the Network know the results of the calls you were able to make by email to:

Don’t know your Assemblyperson’s phone number (or email)? Look it up on the web at: Legislative Membership Search

Contact Arnold Cohen at the Network if you have any questions – 609-393-3752, X16 or