Pentagon Report Discloses Mental Health Crisis

The Department of Defense released the report from it’s Mental Health Task Force on June 14th. To read the full report click here.

What will the impact be on existing mental health services? What impact will this have on the number of veteran’s who become homeless?

According to the Associated Press the report indicates a severe crisis in mental health care for members of the military:

“Surveys of troops in Iraq have shown that 15 percent to 20 percent of Army soldiers have signs and symptoms of post-traumatic stress, which can cause flashbacks of traumatic combat experiences and other severe reactions.

About 35 percent of soldiers are seeking some kind of mental health treatment a year after returning home under a program that screens returning troops for physical and mental health.”

The Army plans to increase “spending $33 million to add about 200 mental health professionals.” Will this be enough?

NPR’s Morning Edition had a detailed report as well. To listen to the report click here and then on the listen icon.

Pentagon Report Discloses Mental Health Concerns

Morning Edition, June 15, 2007 · The Pentagon has come out with a report decrying the status of mental health care in the military. Some 20-25 percent of soldiers have symptoms, and some are suicidal. But there are too few mental health specialists to give troops the help they need. Renee Montage, Daniel Ziegler.