COAH Update

Third Round Rules: Last week, the NJ Supreme Court declined to hear any of the appeals to the January 25, 2007 NJ Appellate Court decision remanding certain issues to COAH for new rulemaking. In addition, the Court ordered COAH to submit its formula for the third round rules by December 31, 2007, denying the state’s request for a six month extension and also turning away a request from plaintiffs for a special Court master. Click here to see the Star Ledger’s recent coverage of the issue.

COAH has put together a group of experts to update the employment and population projections, to conduct research in the areas of compensatory benefits, economic feasibility and filtering and to conduct a vacant land analysis. For more information click here.

Outreach Sessions: COAH held seven public outreach sessions on various aspects of COAH’s third round rules and methodology throughout May. The notes of each of these sessions are available by clicking here.

New Income Limits: On June 13, COAH adopted new income limits for New Jersey’s six housing regions, which are used to determine the eligibility of low- and moderate-income households, to price new sales and rental units, and to index the maximum resale price of existing sales units. The limits are based on the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Section 8 income limits for the state’s six housing regions, which are defined by COAH. The 2007 income limits decreased an average of 2.09% per region from the income limits released in 2006. Since the income limits for 2007 are less than the 2006 income limits, applicants who were qualified using COAH’s 2006 income limits, on or before July 1, 2007, may continue to qualify under COAH’s 2006 income limits. To view the entire announcement from COAH, click here. To view the income limits, click here.