Camden City and County CoC was recognized as one of 14 CoC’s across the country for being an AHAR All- Star!

Mark Johnston, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Special Needs, and the staff of HUD’s Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs would like to recognize the achievements of 14 AHAR communities in the following Continuums of Care.

The only one in New Jersey was the Camden City and County Continuum of Care.

These Continuums of Care deserve special recognition because all of their HMIS data from emergency shelters and transitional housing programs from their AHAR jurisdictions will be used in the upcoming AHAR 2.  HUD commends these communities for their high HMIS bed coverage and good data quality.

How can your community become an AHAR All-Star?

AHAR communities should continue to work on improving their HMIS bed coverage rates and data quality.  Technical assistance is available on both of these issues through HUD’s National HMIS Technical Assistance Initiative and the AHAR research team.  For more information visit the National TA Initiative website or send an email to your AHAR research team contact.

How can your CoC participate in the AHAR?

The start of AHAR 4 is around the corner (October 1, 2007)! The AHAR research team is looking for CoCs with 65 percent HMIS bed coverage in your emergency shelters and/or transitional housing programs.  CoCs that are interested in participating in future AHARs should send an email.