Homelessness and health are intertwined

We found this fascinating report on homelessness and health on the California Progress Report. Although it focuses on California it has a lot of relevance to NJ.

The article was written by Margot Kushel, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine in Residence, University of California, San Francisco.

Homelessness and health are intertwined. Poor health, both physical and mental, contributes to homelessness. Being homeless can lead to poor health. It will be difficult to address homelessness without addressing the health care issues that contribute to it; it certainly is difficult to address the health of homeless people without addressing their homelessness. While the relationship between poor health and homelessness are most extreme in the setting of chronic homelessness, it is clear that health is affected by even short spells of homelessness. People with chronic homelessness experience the worst health care outcomes and present the biggest challenges to the health care system.

To read the full report click here.