Being There, the poem written for the Middlesex Kickoff, is now online!

poetOne of the most dramatic moments of the July 24, 2007, Middlesex County Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness Kickoff was the poem written for the event and read for the first time by poet Kenneth Lambert, pictured on the right. The poem is being published on this Blog for the first time. In addition you can listen to Mr. Lambert read the poem by clicking here. To download an Adobe version of the poem click here.

For more information on the Middlesex County Kickoff click here.

Being There

I am who I am and what I was
Yet, I am still me
Yes, I’m not the success I wanted to be
But, Please understand
I did not plan to be a homeless woman or man
Things happened along lifes ways
Things that made a drastic change
There’s been crime against my life and heart
That were devastating and tore my life apart

Under pure white clouds, and
Thousands of sparkling eyes
Peeking in between at me
Trying to sleep on a cardboard box
Layed over vents blowing heat
I try to sleep on cold winter eves…

Gave up on people, places and things
Got lost in a world of shame
Didn’t care for myself or others…
Became another name…

Trying to hide somewhere inside
To find a place to stand or sit
A place to read, write and cry!
Like spring rains from the sky
A place to escape the damp air
A place to sleep, to calm
My souls tears…

Picked myself up, yet I fell again
Tore apart by my own hands
Trying to follow my plans
Not putting it in God’s hands
But yet I stand as a man
Trying to do what I can
To come in from the heat, wet and cold
To stand on my own two feet
The homelessness, not to repeat…

Laying in an open shed door
On carpets found outside stores
Covered in blankets given
From shelters too full
Watching the leaves change over you
Colors melting into your heart
Praying your life will change…
To be a better start

People glance out the side of their eyes
Passing by, trying not to espy
The down and out, sleeping in the street
Crossing over to the other side, trying not to see
What happen to others and me.
Hoping it never happens to them
But homelessness was not in the plans
Of any homeless woman or man…

In an alcove with dark walls
Reading names of those before
Seeing their dreams of life
Engraved on bricks of strife
Layed rolled up in a sleeping bag
Under a bridge, over a river
That flows to where I want to be
As I seep into a summer’s dream

Homeless as many others
Homeless sister and brothers
Surviving in many lands
Held up by God’s hands
Alive! Because of His plans
Living and loving the best we can.

Kenneth Lambert
July 24, 2007

To listen to Mr. Lambert read the poem click here. To download an Adobe version of the poem click here.

For more information on the Middlesex County Kickoff click here.