Allies work together to build supportive housing

Allies Homes 2004 is a permanent, affordable and supportive housing development sponsored by Allies, Inc. When complete, this project will provide eight (8) permanent, affordable and supportive one bedroom housing units in two shared single family homes.  Each home contains four bedrooms, and provides housing for persons with a developmental disability.



Site 1 required minor renovations that were completed and site 2 is currently being renovated to be fully accessible.  Site 2 is expected to be completed by the end of August 2007.  These are photos of both sites and construction from site 2.  You can click on any photo to see it full size or click here to view all of the photos. To save a photo right click on the photo.

To view a slide show click here.

The members of the Development Team are:

Sponsor: Allies, Inc., Hamilton, NJ

Attorney: Law Office of Maniaci & Ciccotta, Philadelphia, PA

Architect: Kyle Paul Van Dyke Architecture, LLC., Princeton, NJ

Contractor: Sal Orapallo Construction, Northfield, NJ

Consultant: Monarch Housing Associates, Cranford, NJ

Funding sources include:

Housing and Urban Development Section 811
Division of Developmental Disabilities

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