Poised for change

This is from our friends at Shelterforce: the Journal of Affordable Housing and Community Building.

“Poised for Change,” the cover story in the Fall 2007 issue of Shelterforce magazine, explores strategies for promoting a progressive housing agenda in a Democratic-controlled Congress and White House.
With the majority of Americans now in favor of eliminating poverty, the time is right to advance progressive policies for achieving social and economic equity into the mainstream of American politics. Housing activists are strategizing with their political allies on how to move the inequality debate to center stage in the 2008 presidential debate.
In this issue of Shelterforce, Peter Dreier, Barbara Sard, and Greg Squires offer proposals—from reforming the Earned Income Tax Credit to building a more robust fair-housing movement—for translating a growing national sentiment into a movement for genuine change.
PLUS: Two years on in New Orleans—Read “Struggling in the Crescent City” to learn how a burgeoning network of local grass-roots organizations has taken the lead in rebuilding homes and neighborhoods.
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Housing the Working Poor
By Peter Dreier
With strong Democratic contenders for the White House and the party majority in Congress, housing advocates have an opening to promote a progressive agenda.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

By Barbara Sard
The Earned Income Tax Credit alone can’t solve the nation’s low-income housing problems. 

The Supreme Denial of Integration

By Gregory D. Squires
Despite the high court’s recent blow to achieving classroom diversity, fair-housing strategies can still take center stage in the 2008 presidential campaign. 


Struggling in the Crescent City

By Kalima Rose
By restoring affordable housing in New Orleans, grass-roots groups are challenging an unspoken credo: If you were poor before the storm, you don’t deserve recovery resources; if you had assets, you do.

Charting a New Course in Portland

By Howard Cutler
The Economic Opportunity Initiative in Portland, Ore., could be a model for a new national anti-poverty strategy. 

Keeping Kukui Gardens

By Kari Lydersen
Residents of one of Honolulu’s last remaining affordable-housing complexes defied Hawaiian cultural traditions to save their homes in one of the country’s most expensive cities.

Getting It Done

By Theresa Grimason
A program that brings talented, young AmeriCorps members and community-development groups together is making a difference in Indianapolis.

The Case for Plan B

By Tim McKenzie
It’s time for housing professionals to choose an alternate path to affordable homeownership.
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