The need for affordable housing in NJ!

The New York Times published an editorial on the New Jersey affordable housing crisis on Sunday September 30, 2007. We encourage everyone to read the editorial. The following is the opening and closing paragraphs of the editorial. Click here to read the full editorial.

One of the mysteries of the Corzine administration is how little progress has been made in building affordable housing.

Numerous economists have pointed out that a key in reviving New Jersey’s sluggish economy is building new homes that workers can afford to buy. Unless that happens, many businesses and the jobs they provide will locate elsewhere. We hope that Mr. Doria, who is expected to be confirmed by the State Senate, will use the political skill he has developed over his many years in government to see that more affordable housing gets built. 

In addition on Saturday September 29, 2007, The New York Times published an article entitled “Patience With Corzine Wears Thin“. This is also recommended reading. Click here to read the full article.

The following are two of the crucial paragraph.

To Mr. Corzine’s most ardent supporters, the delay speaks to the administration’s dedication to pursuing the best policy, regardless of political pressures. But to a growing chorus of fellow Democrats and others who share many of the administration’s goals, Mr. Corzine has taken too long to do too little.

For instance, housing advocates have been disappointed by Mr. Corzine’s inability to deliver on a promise to unveil a plan for 100,000 homes and apartments over the next 10 years for poor, working-class and middle-class residents – something administration officials had said would be released by the end of last year.

“We should’ve had a plan sometime last year, so we’re frustrated,” said Diane Sterner, executive director of the Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey.