Doria talks about affordable housing

On Sunday October 7th the Star-Ledger published an overview Joe Doria who has been appointed the Commissioner of the Department of Community Affairs. He begins work on Tuesday October 9th. Most of the article was on his background as an educator and as a member of the Legislature. To read the full article click here.

The following is an excerpt of his brief comments on affordable housing.

“Obviously, it is a challenge,” Doria. “But my time in government, in the Legislature and as mayor, has given me the opportunity to understand what is needed to get the job done effectively.”

Doria said moving on Corzine’s pledge to provide 100,000 affordable and “work-force” houses and apartments over 10 years is his biggest issue. “We need homes for workers, otherwise the economy does not progress,” he said.

Hours before Corzine announced his nomination, Doria met with advocates on housing, planning, building and the environment and said he would listen “to all points of view.” Always strident and rarely happy, the advocates left professing optimism — for now.

Codey, for one, believes Doria can keep all factions talking.

“To survive in Hudson County for so long,” he said, “that in itself is a testament to his ability to work with people.”

We hope and pray that former Governor Codey is right and the Commissioner Doria can make the plan to build 100,000 affordable housing units a reality.

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