Doria encouraged to provide the leadership to solve the housing crisis

This letter from Alison Badgett the Executive Director of Homes for New Jersey articulates the need for Commissioner Doria to be the leader who can solve New Jersey’s affordability crisis. Please read and share this letter.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Too often in New Jersey, we approach challenging public policy issues by asking, “What change is politically feasible?” when we should be asking, “What change is necessary, and how do we make it politically feasible?” Homes for New Jersey receives with optimism the appointment of Sen. Joseph Doria as commissioner of the Department of Community Affairs. We believe he may have the political expertise necessary to implement the significant reform necessary to remedy New Jersey’s housing affordability crisis. It will require interdepartmental initiatives, program consolidation, private-public sector coordination and analyzing and untangling overregulation. These changes cannot be done in isolation but must be elements of a comprehensive housing plan.

The potential political will to implement a reform plan is tremendous. Not only can most New Jersey residents relate to the unaffordable housing issue, but the Homes for New Jersey coalition — 270 builders, bankers, nonprofits and civic groups-strong — stands ready to support the vital systemic changes we urge Commissioner-designee Doria to make.

— Alison Badgett, Trenton

The writer is executive director of Homes for New Jersey.