Doria reconvenes Housing Task Force

The planning process to develop a statewide Housing Plan to guide New Jersey in creating 100,000 new affordable housing units in ten years. This is wonderful news which will hopefully result in the adoption of an effective plan in the next few months.

The following is from the Housing & Community Development Network of NJ.

Newly appointed Commissioner of the Department of Community Affairs, Joseph V. Doria, met on Monday with housing and community development advocates, and outlined his plan to have the DCA work with them to achieve Governor Corzine’s goal of 100,000 affordable units in 10 years.
“I am committed to housing: its production, its preservation and the creation of as many opportunities as possible for New Jersey residents to own and rent safe, decent and affordable housing,” Doria said, in his letter requesting the advocates who had belonged to the Housing Task Force Working Group to reconvene.
The group, made up of housing advocates, developers and government officials, had originally formed under Governor-elect Corzine in 2005, and was consulted and made recommendations regarding housing policy and a prospective state housing plan in the early months of the administration. That Doria is calling the task force back together is a positive sign, according to Network Managing Director Paige Carlson-Heim.
“We are very encouraged by the process Commissioner Doria has jump-started to develop a strategic housing plan for New Jersey, and very pleased to be part of that process,” said Carlson-Heim, adding that the commissioner outlined an aggressive timetable for the group to conduct its work and issue a report by March 31, 2008.
Doria asked Carlson-Heim and Ed Martoglio of Network associate member RPM Development Group to co-chair the Task Force’s working group on affordable housing, one of five groups formed to provide input to Doria and his staff as they hammer out the long-awaited plan to tackle the state’s housing crisis.