Chronic homelessness decreases by 12%

On November 7, 2007, HUD announced that ” nearly 12 percent decrease in the number of chronically homeless persons living on the nation’s streets. HUD’s analysis found that more than 20,000 persons moved from the streets into transitional and permanent supportive housing between 2005 and 2006.” To read the full press release click here.

However, the challenge remains how to develop and implment plans to completly end homelessness in New Jersey!

The following is additional information from the report.

HUD has been shifting resources from emergency shelters to transitional and permanent housing for years. The number of emergency shelter beds dropped by 35 percent from 1996 to 2005, to 217,900.

Meanwhile, the number of beds in permanent housing for the homeless increased by 83 percent, to 208,700.

HUD spent $287 million last year on programs that serve people who are chronically homeless, creating 4,000 permanent housing units, the agency said.
Earlier this year, HUD estimated there were a total of 754,000 homeless people on a given night in January 2005. The overall estimate for 2006 is expected early next year.