National Poll of Veterans Released

According to a Gallup poll released by Fannie Mae on November 8, nearly a quarter (24%) of veterans indicate they have been concerned that they may not have a place to live, and 86 percent of veterans think that homelessness among veterans is increasing or staying the same.

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The following is from the Fannie Mae press release.

The survey also reveals that veterans understand the impact war has on those who return from conflicts and attempt to build a sustainable living situation. With the ongoing conflicts top of mind for most veterans, 61% think veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan are at least as likely to become homeless as veterans of previous wars. When asked about the primary causes of homelessness among veterans, 41% of veterans say mental illnesses; such as post-traumatic stress disorder; is the primary cause (at least 15 percentage points more than any other factor).

The survey also indicates that nearly half (48%) have taken in a friend or relative who was facing homelessness. But veterans strongly agree (60%) that homeless people could become self-sufficient with proper housing. 71% of veterans believe communities should construct more affordable housing.

Other key findings included:

34% of veterans are at least somewhat worried medical expenses could cause them or their family to be homeless.

89% feel more effort is needed in the nation to deal with homelessness, with more than half (54%) feeling much more effort is needed.

66% believe the federal government should take the lead or major role in addressing homelessness.

85% of veterans would be willing to make donations to organizations working with homeless people.

The survey of 1005 veterans was conducted from September 4 through October 17, 2007 with a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points.