Gallup Survey Finds Overwhelming Majority of Americans Think More Effort is Needed to Address Homelessness

According to a new Gallup poll released by Fannie Mae on November 14th, more than nine in ten Americans (92%) believe more effort is needed across the nation to address the issue of homelessness, and nearly a third (28%) of Americans indicate they were at one point concerned that they may not have a place to live.

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The following is from the Fannie Mae press release.

The survey also reveals that 48% of Americans indicate lack of affordable housing is a major cause contributing to homelessness, and 45% believe home foreclosures are a major factor. Also, nearly two-thirds (65%) of Americans believe job loss/unemployment is a major factor contributing to homelessness, while more than half (51%) think that the inability to pay medical expenses is a major contributor.

“It is clear from this poll that Americans are very concerned about homelessness and do not feel enough is being done to address this critical issue.” said Stacey D. Stewart, Senior Vice President of the Office of Community and Charitable Giving at Fannie Mae. “There needs to be greater attention directed towards preventing and ending homelessness. Fannie Mae is committed to providing real solutions through permanent supportive housing and has invested more than $4 million in grant funding this year.”

Other key findings include:

A strong majority (58%) of Americans think the number of homeless people is increasing compared to ten years ago and only 6% of Americans believe the nation is doing a very good job in dealing this issue.

71% agree that many homeless people could get back on their feet and become self sufficient with proper housing.

44% of Americans indicate they have taken in a friend or relative who was facing homelessness had shelter not been provided.