Blank-Fest 2007 Planned for Holiday Season

What started over 10 years ago with one man collecting blankets for the homeless at Christmas time has grown to a huge annual benefit concert raising awareness and blankets for the homeless.  In the winter of 1996 Kenn Rowell decided to collect blankets from his friends and distribute them to homeless individuals on the streets Christmas Eve.  The next year this idea expanded and Blank-Fest I was born.  Kenn Rowell brought together friends of his that were musicians as well as his own band and hosted a benefit concert for the homeless.  Admission to the event, one new or slightly used blanket to be given to homeless individuals in New York City.  Since its first year collecting 40 blankets and sharing music of local bands, Blank-Fest has grown into a major event starring up and coming artist.  Last year Blank-Fest broke records collecting over 650 blankets for the homeless.  Blank-Fest has seen a successful growth and has spread to communities outside of New York. 

In 2007 will see Blank-Fest events in the UK, Toronto Canada as well as cities across the US from Austin Texas to Cincinnati Ohio and Scranton Pennsylvania.  2006 saw the first Blank-Fest event in New Jersey which was quite successful raising 200 blankets that were distributed at Project Homeless Connect events throughout the state on January 25, 2007.  Once again, New Jersey will be home to Blank-Fest on December 23, 2007.  Proceeds from this year’s blank-Fest will be distributed to Project Homeless Connect events in New Jersey.  More details about New Jersey Blank-Fest will be available soon.
For more information about Blank-Fest visit click here.